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Area of coal duties maps

These maps show the 1861 London District boundary and the positions of posts. Each is in four sheets and consists of portions of 1":1 mile Ordnance Survey maps to which the boundary, positions of posts and railways have been added by hand. In most cases the sheets used are parts of first series sheets 1, 6, 7 and 8. Copy L was made from new series sheets 256 and 270, parts of sheets 257, 269, 271, 285, 286, and 287 together with parts of first series sheets 1 and 7. For the complexities of these maps see Harley & Phillips The Historian's guide to Ordnance Survey maps.

Known copies are:

Code Location Reference Date Marks
T Private possession. Formerly in collection of J Tabor. Not seen. Boyle 219 1861
U Private possession. Formerly in collection of J Tabor. Not seen. Boyle 240 ?1864
G London Metropolitan Archives (formerly in Guildhall Library). Folded London Maps SC/GL/FLM/072/1864/k1237543;
Photocopies: Main Prints and Drawings Collection SC/GL/PR/GP/004/k1237543 and Corporation of London Plans COL/PL/01/228/C/016 & COL/PL/01/228/C/017
1865 201
V Private possession. Formerly in collection of J Tabor. Not seen. Boyle 249 1869
O Bodleian Library, Oxford. J.Maps 265 1869 220
P Unknown: formerly in private possession in High Wycombe. 1869 231
R London Metropolitan Archives (formerly in Corporation of London Records Office). Corporation of London Plans COL/PL/06/05/013 1872 243
B British Library Map Library. Maps 4.a.66 1872 241
H Unknown: formerly in private possession in Hayes, Middlesex. Photocopy in London Metropolitan Archives. Photocopy: Folded London Maps SC/GL/FLM/079/1870/k1286352 1874 242
A Unknown: sold at Bonhams May 2006. Not seen. [c1876]
L British Library of Political and Economic Science (London School of Economics). Coll Misc 36 1885 257

The single-letter codes are ones that I have assigned to identify the different copies of the map. References are shelfmarks in repositories or, in the case of the copies formerly in collection of J Tabor, the numbers in Boyle's London: a cartographic history 1746-1950. The number of markers is my reckoning of the number shown.

The dates are not marked on the maps but are ones which, in the case of copies I have been able to examine, I have deduced from the extent of railways shown, these having been added by hand to the original maps. The assumption that the lines shown are lines opened (rather those projected or under construction) seems justified by the facts that (a) no lines which were never opened are shown, and (b) it does not lead to any chronological inconsistencies. I have taken opening dates as given in Borley's Chronology of London railways for lines in London, in Clark's A Southern Region record for other former Southern Region lines, and from the relevant volume of A regional history of the railways of Great Britain (The eastern counties, The east midlands, and Greater London) otherwise.

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