City Posts

Type 2e post in West Molesey (no 99)

The coal duties of the City of London and their boundary marks

This website is devoted to the boundary marks set up by the Corporation of the City of London under the various coal duties Acts. The main type of marker comprises the white cast-iron posts found on the outskirts of Greater London known variously as "Coal posts", "Coal tax posts", "Coal duty posts", or "City posts".

The extant markers listed on this site are ones erected under the London Coal and Wine Duties Continuance Act 1861. Many of them were originally set up under earlier Acts in the nineteenth century and the duties whose area of application they marked out go back to the seventeenth century and earlier. The main sections of this site are:

Each page of the site (except this one!) has "breadcrumb trail" navigation near the top to enable you to return to higher levels in the structure. In addition, each has links near the bottom of the page to enable navigation to the main page of the section and to other pages within the section (to next and previous pages chronologically in the historical sections). There is also a Site map which displays the overall structure of the site and a What's new on this site page giving details of major changes.

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