Sources and bibliography

Books and articles

This bibliography contains all the works referred to on this site, together with some more general works which I used in the course of my research. They are listed under the following headings:

Historical background

Author Date Title, imprint, notes
[no author] 1721 The Acts of Parliament relating to the building fifty new churches in and about the cities of London and Westminster and for making provision for the ministers thereof, as also His Majesty's letters patent, appointing commissioners for the purposes aforesaid. -- London: Baskett, 1721.
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[no author] 2009 Chronological table of the statutes. -- Norwich: Stationery Office, 2009.
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Faulkner (Alan H) 1972 The Grand Junction Canal. -- Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1972.
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Great Britain. Law Commission 1996 Chronological table of local legislation 1797-1994. -- London: HMSO, 1996. -- Updated version available online as: Chronological table of local Acts.
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Hadfield (Charles) 1969 The Canals of South and South East England. -- Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1969.
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Contemporary writings

Most of following works can be found in the City of London's Guildhall Library.

Author Date Title, imprint, notes
[no author] 1890 "The abolition of the London coal dues", The Economist, 48, 1890, 1627.
Atcheson (Nathaniel) 1802 A letter addressed to Rowland Burdon, Esq. M.P. on the present state of the carrying part of the coal trade: with tables of several of the duties on coals received by the Corporation of the City of London. -- London: Davidson, 1802.
Bunning (Theo Wood) 1883 An account of the duties on coal: and the London coal and wine duties. -- Newcastle upon Tyne: Reid, 1883.
Bunning (Theo Wood) 1885 An account of the duties on coal: and the London coal and wine duties. -- Third edition, revised and corrected. -- Newcastle upon Tyne: Reid, 1885.
[no author] 1853 "The City coal dues", Illustrated London news, issue 614, 26th March 1853, 229.
City of London. Coal and Corn and Finance Committee 1868 Coal market: clerk and registrar and his clerks: report to the Court of Common Council. -- London: Corporation of London, 1868. -- Presented 5th March 1868. -- In: Reports of the Common Council 1868
City of London. Thames Navigation Committee 1785 Report of 1785 to Common Council on the memorial of 1784 of the Thames Navigation Commissioners. -- London: Corporation of London, [1785].
Colwell (Charles) 1861 Fiery facts, or, The City coal tax exposed!: being a new year's gift to the Corporation of the city of London: with suggestions to ameliorate the social condition of coal-miners and their families. -- London: Effingham Wilson, 1861.
Commissioners Appointed For Improving and Completing The Navigation Of The Rivers Thames and Isis 1784 Memorial of 1784 to Common Council requesting that part of the coal duty be applied annually towards the improvement of the navigation of the Thames. -- London: the Commissioners, [1784].
Cruden (Robert Pierce) 1843 The history of the town of Gravesend in the county of Kent, and of the port of London. -- London: Pickering, 1843. -- Available online at: The history of the town of Gravesend in the county of Kent, and of the port of London.
Firth (John Firth Bottomley) 1887 The coal and wine dues: the history of the London coal tax and the arguments for and against its renewal. -- London: The Anti-coal Tax Committee, 1887. -- (Municipal reform pamphlets, No. 20) -- Reprinted with references from The Times of December 7th 1886. -- Available online at: The coal and wine dues: the history of the London coal tax and the arguments for and against its renewal.
[no author] 1873 "Free opening of Kew Bridge", Illustrated London news, issue 1746, 15th February 1873, 159. -- Available online at: The day Kew Bridge became toll-free.
Frost (John) 1792 Cheap coals, or, A countermine to the minister and his three City members. -- London: Parsons, 1692 [ie 1792].
Kintrea (Archibald) 1859 To the vestrymen of the metropolitan districts: the Metropolitan Board of Works and the London coal tax. -- London: Billing, 1859.
[no author] 1885 London coal duties: reasons against their renewal ... . -- London: James Beal, [1885].
McCulloch (John Ramsay) 1830 Observations on the duty on sea-borne coal: and on the peculiar duties and charges on coal in the port of London: founded on the reports of parliamentary committees, and other official documents. -- London: Longman, 1830. -- Available online at: Observations on the duty on sea-borne coal; and on the peculiar duties and charges on coal in the Port of London.
MacNab (Henry Grey) 1793 Letters addressed to the Right Honourable William Pitt: pointing out the inequality, oppression and impolicy of the taxes on coal and a substitute for these taxes on all coals consumed in England and Scotland. -- London: Johnson, 1793.
MacNab (Henry Grey) 1801 Observations on the probable consequences of even attempting by legislative authority to obtain a large supple of coal from Staffordshire to the metropolis : (and on other aspects of the coal and iron trades) in a letter to William Manning, Esq., M.P. -- London: Griffiths, 1801.
MacNab (Henry Grey) 1801 A letter, addressed to John Whitemore, Esq., M.P.... pointing out the impolicy of the proposed measure of obtaining a supply of coal from the manufacturing districts to the metropolis: the causes of the high price of coal, and the means of an immediate and continued reduction of price. -- London: Griffiths, 1801.
Middleton (John) 1807 View of the agriculture of Middlesex: with observations on the means of its improvement, and several essays on agriculture in general: drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement. -- London: Phillips, 1807.
Newton (William) 1872 Speech of Mr William Newton at the Metropolitan Board of Works, on the subject of freeing the metropolitan toll bridges and the coal and wine duties on December 6th, 1872. -- London: Speaight, 1872.
Pocock (Robert) 1796 A chronology of the most remarkable events that have occurred in parishes of Gravesend, Milton and Denton in the county of Kent. -- Gravesend: the author, 1790 [ie 1796 or 97].
Pocock (Robert) 1797 The history of the incorporated town and parishes of Gravesend and Milton in the county of Kent: selected with accuracy from topographical writers and enriched from manuscripts hitherto un-noticed recording every event that has occurred in the aforesaid town and parishes from the Norman conquest. -- Gravesend: the author, 1797.
[no author] 1887 Reasons for the continuance of the London coal dues. -- [London]: np, 1887.
[no author] 1696 Reasons for the taking off the tax of five shillings per chaldron on coals. -- [London]: np, [1696].
[no author] 1830 Remarks on the coal trade and on the various duties and charges on coal in the port of London &c. -- London: Longman, 1830. -- Reprinted, with additions ... from the Edinburgh Review, no. 101.
Telltruth (T) 1815 A dark story, or, A brief development of the nefarious conduct of the black diamond mongers with regard to the present system of the coal trade. -- London: Glindon, 1815.
Thwaites (John) 1859 Letter of chairman addressed to the representatives of the metropolis in Parliament, upon the propriety of obtaining the coal duties for metropolitan improvements. -- London: Metropolitan Board of Works, 1859.
[no author] 1841 To the Honourable the Commons of Great Britain and Ireland in Parliament assembled: the petition of the undersigned inhabitants of the metropolis. -- London: np, [1841].

Lists of posts

This list of references contains all the published lists of posts that I am aware of. However it should be noted these works are listed here solely because they give lists or descriptions of locations of posts. As with the guidebooks, magazines, etc below their historical remarks are in some cases less than accurate (see this site's Frequently asked questions).

Author Date Title, imprint, notes
Ashdown (John), Bussell (Michael) and Carter (Paul) 1969 A survey of industrial monuments of Greater London. -- [London]: Thames Basin Archaeological Observers' Group, 1969.
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Bawtree (Maurice) 1961 "In search of London coal tax posts in West Middlesex", Bulletin, Middlesex Local History Council, 12, 1961, 5-10.
Bawtree (Maurice) 1964 "Our London coal tax posts", Uxbridge record, 3, 1964, 13-16.
Bawtree (Maurice) 1964 "The London coal duties and their boundary marks", Rickmansworth historian, 8, 1964, 167-173.
Bawtree (Maurice) 1965 "The London coal and wine duties boundary marks", Half-yearly bulletin, Watford and SW Herts Archaeological Society, New series, 1, 1965, 6-10.
Bawtree (Maurice) 1966 "The London coal duties and their boundary marks", Ruislip Northwood and Eastcote Local History Society Bulletin, October 1966, 3-5.
Bawtree (Maurice) 1967 "Some notes about the Grand Junction Canal, Acts of Parliament and other matters", Uxbridge record, 7, 1967, 11-14.
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Chiltern Open Air Museum 2005 Guide book. -- Chalfont St Giles: Chiltern Open Air Museum, nd..
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References in guidebooks, magazines, exhibitions, etc

This list of references is nothing like complete, but gives a idea of the evidence for the existence of posts that can be gained from guidebooks etc.

Author Date Title, imprint, notes
Broadhead (Ivan) 1966 "Lineside landmark", Railway magazine, 112, 1966, 689.
Broadhead (Ivan) 1972 "When warmth was taxed", Hertfordshire countryside, 164, 1972, 34-35.
Hart (H) 1962 "When London's coal was taxed", Country life, 131, 1962, 290.
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Wittering (W O) 1963 "The reason for those obelisks", Hertfordshire countryside, 17, 1963, 330-331.

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