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List of missing marks

There are considerable difficulties in the way of trying to provide a complete list of missing marks. In many cases it is impossible to determine the exact position of missing marks accurately and in some areas, such as on the Thames at Sunbury, it is difficult to work out how many posts there were originally. In some cases an extant mark may be one that appears to be missing from a site a short distance away. The list below is my best attempt: it contains 66 entries.

Those that have disappeared have mostly been removed in the course of road widening or redevelopment, though there are stories of a post being stolen for scrap and another by a motorist who had run into it. Like the Times correspondent I was often pleasantly surprised to find posts still in position in busy built up areas. It is however disappointing that a number of posts have disappeared between 1972 and now for no apparent reason.

The number in the first column derives from the list of marks published in my The coal duties of the City of London and their boundary marks as explained in numbering of the marks. Eight marks have a plain number without a following lower-case letter, indicating that it is a post which was listed there; the remaining 58 have a number with a letter indicating that it is one that was not. The type of boundary mark is given in column 2. For each mark also a description of its location and its National Grid Reference are given, together with an indication of when it was last seen and by when it is known to have disappeared.

No Type NGR Location Last seen Date missing Circumstances
0a 1 TQ4988981499 N bank of River Thames W of mouth of Beam River 1921 By 1967 Presumably disappeared during building of Ford works ca 1930.
0b 2 TQ4990681559 W bank of Beam River 50 m N of River Thames 1921 By 1967 Presumably disappeared during building of Ford works ca 1930.
0c 4 TQ5014882810 N side of railway, W of Beam River, E of Thames Avenue 1952 By 1966
0d 2 TQ5023383065 New Road, W of Beam river at Beam Bridge By 1966 Presumably disappeared in road widening
0e 2d TQ5080684190 S side of Dagenham Road, W of Beam River at Dagenham Beam Bridge 1966 1967 Disappeared during reconstruction of bridge 1966
0f 5 TQ5167085460 N side of railway, W of Beam river 85 m W of Upper Rainham Road 1952 (base only) by 1966 Not affected by the 1932 quadrupling as base still there in 1952
2a 2 TQ4898587761 N side of Crow Lane, 300 m E of Whalebone Lane South, approx outside No 332 by 1966
9a 2 TQ4550497000 On bridlepath 900m W of Piggotts Farm (site now under M11 motorway S of footbridge) by 1966 Site now under M11 motorway, but disappeared long before motorway was built.
13a 2 TL4296201731 Beside farm track N of Copped Hall by 1966 Position of boundary marked wrongly on some Area Coal Duties maps
17 2g TL3921904353 S side of Colemans Lane at junction with St. Leonards Road 1972 1972 Vandalised
24a 2 TL3160405814 Wormley Wood 650 m W of post 24 By 1966
25a 2 TL2977904272 E side of Carbone Hill, S of Postern Bridge 1964 By 1966 Said to have been smashed by motorist
29a 2 TL2578702340 W side of Osborne Road, 20 m S of junction with Heath Road, approx outside No 35 By 1964
32 2c TL2302603143 W side of Warrengate Road at junction with Hawkshead Lane 1972 mid 1980s
44a 2 TQ1479199703 E side of Oakridge Lane, 270 m N of junction with Blackbirds Lane By 1964 Shown further N, at junction of Oakridge Lane with bridleway leading N from Blackbirds Farm (TQ1488699974) on Area of Coal Duties maps
44b 2 TQ1469299453 W side of Kemprow, at junction with Blackbirds Lane By 1964
44c 2 TQ1205598084 N side of Bushey Mill Lane, E of Colne at Bushey Mill Bridge By 1964
46a 2 TQ1191096125 E side of railway embankment 250 m S of Bushey Hall Road where electricity pylon now stands By 1965
48a 2 TQ1198595069 E side of Pinner Road opposite Oxhey Avenue By 1965
48b 2 TQ1205594960 E side of Pinner Road, S side of Villiers Road, at their junction By 1965
56 2e TQ0693091511 S side of White Hill, N side of Jackets Lane at their junction 1972 by 1980
63a 2 TQ0405991112 E side of Park Lane S of bridge over River Colne By 1961
63b 2 TQ0449288309 On Moorfield Road E of Green Bridge By 1961 Disappeared "when Green Bridge was built"
64a 2 TQ0525986171 On footpath from Denham Lock to Denham, on E bank of River Colne by footbridge By 1961
65a 2 TQ0511684610 S side of Oxford Road E of bridge over River Colne By 1961 Probably disappeared when bridge was rebuilt
66a 3c TQ0456583513 S side of St Johns Road in parapet of Long Bridge, 100 m W of junction with Cowley Mill Road 1973 1973-1974 Disappeared when the bridge was reconstructed
68a 2 TQ0478081039 At W end of Packet Boat Lane, E bank of River Colne by Iver Ford By 1939 Disappeared "between the wars"
71 5 TQ0522980030 E side of Colnbrook branch line 60 m S of main line behind No 148 Fairway Avenue 1972 by 1980
73a 2 TQ0430677339 E side of Bigley Ditch just N of former confluence with Wyrardisbury River (site now under M25 motorway) By 1961 Said to have been smashed by a tractor while ploughing
75a 5 TQ0377076960 E side of railway S of Shire Ditch N of former Colnbrook station 350 m N of Bath Road 1965 By 1972 Disappeared following building of new warehouse
76 2e TQ0366076981 On S bank of Shire Ditch at N end of garden of No 26 The Hawthorns by fence of Coln Industrial Estate 1972 by 2008 May have been removed when new units and fence were constructed on Coln Industrial Estate
80 2e TQ0259775726 S side of Horton Road, as realigned, 500 m W of junction with Poyle Road
Originally at: TQ0248075570 S side of Horton Road 500 m W of junction with Poyle Road (site now under Wraysbury Reservoir)
1993 by 2004 Said to have been uprooted and later stolen
82a 2 TQ0263072024 S side of Wraysbury Road, E of junction with Lammas Drive and County Ditch By 1961 Disappeared "when new bridge was built"
90a 2 TQ0729765845 In wood at W end of Shepperton Lock Island By 1965 Disappeared "when new channel was cut"
94a 2 TQ0953766513 E side of footpath to Thames by wall of former Mount Felix house, 60 m NE of Bridge Street By 1965
94b 2 TQ0993367136 N bank of River Thames, 120 m SW of Tumbling Bay weir (site now under houses in Felix Lane) By 1965 Presumably disappeared when riverside houses built
94c 2 TQ1057968201 At SW end of Sunbury Lock Ait, 320 m SW of the footbridge By 1965
94d 2 TQ1080468471 In middle of Sunbury Lock Ait, 30 m N of the footbridge By 1965
96a 2 TQ1140968797 N bank of River Thames at E end of Rivermead Island, W of former creek between the island and Swans Rest Island By 1965
96b 2 TQ1159768925 N bank of River Thames at SW end of Sunbury Court Island (site now under No 5 Sunbury Court Island) By 1965 Presumably disappeared when houses built on the island
100a 2 TQ1303266871 W side of Fieldcommon Lane, W of field called The Platts c 1950 By 1965
103a 2 TQ1406465744 N side of Lower Green Road, approx outside No 112 By 1965
112a 2e TQ1510661840 80 m N of Stokesheath Farm Cottages on N side of former farm track 1965 By 1972 Destroyed or buried when field and track levelled
113a 2 TQ1558962478 350 m SE of Horringdon Farm in field boundary By 1965 Only marked on ACD maps not OS
114a 2 TQ1656161854 S side of Fairoak Lane, 730 m W of Malden Rushett crossroads 1963 (NRIM) By 1965 Disappeared following road widening
155a 2 TQ2413455678 Brighton Road, opposite entrance to Kingswood Warren By 1964 Possibly the same post as 155: Area of Coal Duties maps show this one, OS shows 155
156a 2 TQ2475956574 S side of Waterhouse Lane just W of where road now crosses the railway By 1964 Presumably disappeared in 1897 when the railway was built
156b 2 TQ2476356581 N side of Waterhouse Lane just W of where road now crosses the railway By 1964 Presumably disappeared in 1897 when the railway was built
165 4 TQ2889656727 W side of Redhill railway line, 100 m S of Star Bridge 1965 by 1973 Reported in 1973 as 'taken down'. According to BR damaged in a landslip and removed. Was probably actually missing when "The coal duties of the City of London and their boundary marks" was published in 1972.
165a 2 TQ2949956710 W side of Woodplace Lane by footpath opposite Park Lane 1949 Said to have been removed by Hospital Management Committee
166a 2 TQ3189456356 At edge of wood 50 m N of Magazine Road, 250 m W of Green Lane By 1957
166b 2 TQ3188356532 S side of The Grove, 100 m W of junction with Green Lane, approx outside No 32 By 1957
166c 2 TQ3196656603 N side of The Grove, opposite junction with Green Lane By 1957
168a 2 TQ3296357313 E side of Hayes Lane at junction with Buxton Lane By 1957 Presumably disappeared during expansion of RAF Kenley during WW2
172a 2 TQ3463157276 S side of Succombs Hill opposite junction with Court Bushes Road By 1957 Presumably disappeared when Succombs Hill was realigned for the construction of the Caterham bypass in 1930s
177a 2 TQ3683558707 S side of Green Hill Lane at junction with Chelsham Road By 1957
180a 2 TQ3800860031 E side of Farleigh Court Road 75 m S of Little Farleigh Green 1957 By 1965 Said to have been stolen for scrap
182 2d TQ3848261036 W side of Featherbed Lane 900 m N of Fickleshole 1972 by 1986 Said to have been uprooted by a car and subsequently stolen for scrap
185a 2 TQ4038262198 At Furze Bottom, 600 m SE of Layhams Farm By 1965
192a 2 TQ4557563387 W side of Green Street Green High Street to E of Royal Oak By 1965
195a 2 TQ4584564364 N side of S carriageway of Warren Road, 120 m W of junction with Warnford Road, approx opposite No 32 By 1965 ACD maps show it further W nearer Sevenoaks Road
198a 2 TQ4696866082 Between Court Road and Gillmans Road N of junction with Avalon Road (site now under houses) By 1965 Shown on some ACD maps but not OS. If it existed would have disappeared when area was developed in 1930s
200a 2 TQ4985864948 W side of Skeet Hill Lane opposite junction with Daltons Road By 1965
206a 2 TQ5035269489 N side of London Road, approx opposite Malvern Lodge, 120 m SE of junction with Birchwood Road By 1965
215 5 TQ5240674695 S side of railway, E side of Maiden Lane behind fence 1972 (base only) By 1986 Only the base was extant in 1972
219 2a TQ0421294187 Outside Shepherd Primary School, Shepherd's Lane, Rickmansworth
Originally at: TQ0518993449 At foot of front steps of Stockers House
1972 1972 Not on 1861 boundary: at Stockers House to indicate connection with coal duties. "Accidentally destroyed" after its move.

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